About Us

Matthew Frum

Matthew FruMatthew Frum Bio Photom is a professional meditation instructor and founder of StillnessDaily.org, a site supporting daily mindfulness meditation, based in Boulder, Colorado.

As a longtime meditator, he was ordained by the Dalai Lama in India in 2003, and spent five years as Buddhist monk, including 2 years in solitary meditation retreat in a remote hermitage in Big Sur, CA. After returning from the monastic life, inspired to become an “everyday monk,” several of his teachers encouraged him to teach.

He teaches traditional meditation practice in several Colorado Buddhist centers, and teaches mindfulness meditation in a non-religious context to individuals, as well as to groups online, in nursing homes, health clubs, and corporations.

Having spent 4 years working in hospice as a nurse’s aide, and additional years as a home health aide and family caregiver, he has experienced the power of mindfulness to help bring calm not only to himself, but to the people whom he has had the privilege to care for.

Cayce Howe

Cayce-Howe-photo-BWCayce Howe is the founder of Unshakable Mind, a meditation based company that teaches Stress Management and Inner Resilience in the greater Long Beach Area. He has had an insatiable thirst for meditation for 20 plus years and it has led him to live and work at meditation retreat centers for over 5 years. He completed a one year meditation retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in 2008. You can find him meditating weekdays on the beach and teaching his Sunday Sit class on, you guessed it, Sundays.

Cayce’s main purpose for sharing meditation is to expose the qualities of the luminous mind, and to reveal their ability to assist us in our daily lives.  After experiencing a powerful lesson in compassion, in the form of care-taking for a loved one in chronic pain for over 7 years, he decided to devote himself to help others cope with suffering using meditation. 

Cayce teaches to a variety of people and groups including: Veterans at the VA Long Beach hospital, executive professionals, doctors, lawyers, High Schoolers and is very excited to now offer meditation classes at Transitions Support Group Center, Long Beach.